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AutoTerrain - Worlds best boom stability

29 November 2016

The AutoTerrain concept has been developed to ensure that our customers get the best boom stability on the market.

The DELTA FORCE and TWIN FORCE 3.1 boom range is developed in parallel with the new boom steering system, AutoTerrain, and this boom steering is offered from the new year 2016/2017.
AutoTerrain has been tested during this season, but until now not shown on any exhibition. HARDI shows AutoTerrain as world premiere at Agromek 2016 i Herning on Tuesday, November 29, 2016.


What is AutoTerrain?
The AutoTerrain function is an advanced boom steering concept controlling the vertical movements of the boom above the crop in the field and when turning in headland.

Technically seen, AutoTerrain works with 3, alternatively 5 ultrasonic sensors and 3 gyro sensors.
The ultrasonic sensors are placed at a given distance on the boom and measure the height above the crop several times per second.

The gyro sensors measure the angle of the boom, the boom suspension and the chassis.
Information from all sensors are analyzed and processed in the AutoTerrain software – and the necessary corrections of the slant- and tilt cylinder are quickly made - and intervene before the boom gets out of balance or gets away from the measured crop height.
As both DELTA FORCE and TWIN FORCE 3.1 work with a negative tilt, meaning that each boom side can angle below the horizontal with -40 – in other words, the boom can spray on a patch below own level when for instance driving on a ridge. This is of great importance on large booms as for example 36 m.

AutoTerrain works with proportional hydraulics giving a precise and soft regulation without hard movements.

If the power to the computer system falls out, the boom is still working in manual mode, giving an increased reliability.


Increase the spraying capacity – drive faster
With a combination of negative tilt and the hydraulic AntiYaw function, available on both the DELTA FORCE and TWIN FORCE 3.1, the groundwork for a significantly higher working speed and durability under different conditions has been laid.


The AutoTerrain ultrasonic sensors automatically fold when the boom is folded to transport position and do thus minimize the transport position.


Which advantages does the AutoTerrain give the user?

”Reacts before the boom gets out of balance”
To be able to increase the sprayer capacity and ensure an optimal application, the spaying speed can be increased to 15-18 km/h without varying the boom height as AutoTerrain constantly keeps the boom in place above the crop at the pre-set value.

Based upon the information from angle or gyro sensors, AutoTerrain intervenes and controls the height of both boom wings before the nozzles get too close to or too far from the crop, meaning that the proportional hydraulics will be able to react.

This gives an tremendous capacity increase – not least in conjunction with the TWIN FORCE boom where the crop is ”opened” and the spraying liquid deposited on both the front and rear of the plants with a strongly reduced drift.


AutoTerrain will also help the sprayer pilot in the headland where the boom normally will lower the inner boom side due to the pendulum suspension. Here AutoTerrain reacts – and the turning can take place without the boom touching the crop, and the turning is carried out at a higher speed.

The good stability of the boom also contributes to reducing the maintenance expenses and the durability.


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